David Booth <david@dbooth.org>

David Booth 

I am a Software Architect based outside of Boston and (as of this update in September 2012) work as an independent contractor specializing in semantic web technology.   I am an avid fan of the web, web architecture and the use of http URIs as universal identifiers.  (See http://URIsRule.org/ ;)  I have a (minimal) FOAF RDF file courtesy of Leigh Dodds' FOAF-a-matic.  See also Resume of David Booth, Ph.D.

A URI for David Booth, the Person

The URI http://thing-described-by.org/?http://dbooth.org/2005/dbooth/ hereby acts as a globally unique name for the natural person named David Booth who had email address dbooth@hp.com as of 1-Jan-2005 who is described above.  Because the domain thing-described-by.org delegates authority for defining the meaning of URIs that are minted within its domain to whatever domain is indicated in the query string of the URI (i.e., the part after the "?"), this page (http://dbooth.org/2005/dbooth/) is therefore authoritative in defining the meaning of the URI http://thing-described-by.org/?http://dbooth.org/2005/dbooth/ as a name for this particular person. 

A Shorter URI for David Booth, the Person

The URI http://t-d-b.org/?http://dbooth.org/2005/dbooth/ is hereby a synonym for  http://thing-described-by.org/?http://dbooth.org/2005/dbooth/ .   This synonym relationship can be expressed formally as the RDF triple:

http://thing-described-by.org/?http://dbooth.org/2005/dbooth/ .
where "owl:" is the OWL namespace prefix "http://www.w3.org/2002/07/owl#".

Persistent URL for David Booth

The URI http://purl.oclc.org/NET/DBOOTH/id/dbooth is hereby a synonym for http://thing-described-by.org/?http://dbooth.org/2005/dbooth/ also.

Last updated 12-Sep-2012